The Bread Armor Story

Bread Armor BagsThere’s nothing like a warm loaf of Artisan bread fresh out of the oven from your local bakery. For years we brought home perfect baked loaves to have with our meals only to find them stale when we were ready to eat them. We re-wrapped them or cut them to fit into bags hoping to keep them fresh for just one more day but often threw away stale bread. Frustrated, we created a bag that would perfectly fit the loaf size and keep it FRESH FOR OVER 2 WEEKS!

We call it Bread Armor, a reusable shield that will guard your grains by locking in bakery freshness until you're ready to eat it. They’re also great for other uses like marinating steaks or salmon and keeping food fresh longer in the freezer.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Bruce - Founder Bread Armor
   Founder Bread Armor